BORN9th of December, 1991
FULL NAMEDorian Pinto
INFLUENCESMusic, Films, Space, Games

A brief introduction.

I am Dorian Pinto, a composer for motion pictures & sound designer.

Passionate about music, cinema and video games from an early age, becoming a pianist over 15 years ago appeared as a starting point for my desire to evolve in the musical world.

Music related to films soon drew my attention as I was amazed by the way emotions were carried out through the screen and realized music had a major role in this process.

While watching movies, TV shows or playing video games, my attention was indeed always focused on the way music was used and it affected me deeply enough to start creating my own.

Over the years, I realized how inextricable the bond between images & sounds was by working with different artists and composing soundtracks.

I am doing my best to develop new sets of creations.

Experiencing and discovering a whole range of sound engineering and recording techniques enabled me to get closer to the feelings I am now grateful to share through my music.

Dorian Pinto


Musician for many years, in love with the bond between sounds and images.


Custom-built original soundtracks according to your craziest needs.


Eager to be working on great projects with the best minds in the industry.


Understanding the project

Custom-built original soundtracks require a good understanding of the general message, the underlying emotions that are directly embedded to your project, whether it is a movie, commercial or video game. This step will make sure we don’t get things wrong.

  • objectives
  • understanding
  • research

Preparing your tracks

Now we’re going to lay down on paper the number of tracks that you want and their duration : this operation needs to be as detailed as possible so I can understand exactly what you needs are and what I can do to make them happen.

  • content
  • examination
  • budget

Creating your music

This is where I start creating drafts for your tracks, trying to stay as true to your requests as possible, according to what we previously agreed on. Then, I’ll send them your way and we’ll have a chat about what needs to be changed or kept.

  • draft
  • exchange
  • confirmation

Editing your tracks

Your tracks are now complete (and you like them, yay !). This step is about mixing, polishing some sounds that might step out a little bit too much, enhancing some of them that might be too far out to bring balance and depth to the overall soundtrack : mixing in a nutshell !

  • mixing
  • balance
  • revisions

Lauching the project

And there we have it ! After some time and thoughtful discussions, your original soundtrack is now complete, mixed and ready to go. The definitive files will be sent to you including a timecode so you can make sure your tracks won’t be out of sync with the picture.

  • synchronise
  • finalize
  • launch

Let's keep in touch

I hope you are happy with the work I’ve delivered to you and I would gladly take a look at the final product upon release ! I remain at your service for any further questions you may have and upcoming projects you would like me to work on. So let’s keep in touch !

  • partnership
  • communication
  • relations



Latest Soundtrack


Lewis Foster, Co-Founder of Music Vine

Majestic, otherworldly and enigmatic, just some of the words that describe this young composer’s breathtaking portfolio. Dorian’s attention to detail is evident in his masterful string arrangements and ability to craft atmosphere. For filmmakers requiring something dark and celestial, his portfolio is a rare gem that is sure to be savoured.

Matt Russell, Co-Founder of Music Vine

Dorian is a true master of the enigmatic and otherworldly. Drawing his inspiration from the celestial, he crafts vivid worlds with his music, inviting us to experience the ethereal, the majestic and the sinister. It’s a privilege to be working with him and licensing his work exclusively on Music Vine, we hope you enjoy !







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